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For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that whoever believes in him will not perish, but have everlasting life.

A new commandment I give you:  love one another,

as I have loved you


10.0 a.m.

Parish Communion

6.30 p.m.

Evening Prayer

For more information

click here

and every Wednesday

at 11.0 a.m.

there is a celebration of


(Book of Common Prayer)

Sunday Club._edited.jpg

The Sunday Club is a childrens' group which meets during the

10.0 a.m. service, joining everyone in church at 10.45 for the last part of the service and refreshments.




The next monthly distribution will be between 8th and 15th December.  Donations can be

left in the usual places:

'Chimnies' Burra Close

50 Church Rd

Church Porch

Talking Shop

As always, toiletries are very welcome, and
Coats, jackets and other warm men's clothes

If you need more information, or to be kept in touch, please use the contacts form

on this website..

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The Story of Scripture:

a new course is designed to help you get a firmer handle on that big story – the story of scripture - through the use of videos, questions, and quizzes which help you to gain a deeper understanding of what God was doing through Scripture.   See

for a video describing the course.  

For recent sermons,
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For the pewsheet for December

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  The Sandford Link magazine

- Winter 2023 -

 our village magazine

can be read here

Next one March


Our church is open every day from roughly 10.0 to 6.0 for private prayer and reflection or just to get a bit of peace and quiet.  The churchyard is of course always open for a little bit of green space.

Advent Sunday 3rd December

An Advent Prayer.jpg
Winter Social.JPG
Carols in the Park.JPG
KA Carols.JPG

We are part of the United Benefice of Littlemore with Sandford on Thames,

and the priest-in-charge is the

Rev. Margreet Armitstead.

God of compassion and justice,


We cry out to you for all who suffer

in the Holy Land today.

For your precious children,

Israelis and Palestinians,

traumatised and in fear for

their lives;

Lord, have mercy.


For the families of the bereaved,

for those who have seen images

they will never forget. For those

anxiously waiting for news,

despairing with each passing day;

Lord, have mercy.


For young men and women,

heading into combat,

bearing the burden of what others

have done and what they will be

asked to do;

Lord, have mercy.


For civilians in Israel, Gaza and the

   West Bank,

that they would be protected,

and that every life would count,

and be cherished and remembered;

Lord, have mercy

For the wounded and those facing

a lifetime of scars.

For those desperately seeking

medical treatment where there

is none;

Lord, have mercy.


For medical and emergency personnel,

risking their own lives

to save those of others;

Lord, have mercy.


For those who cannot see anything

but rage and violence,

that you would surprise them with mercy,

and turn their hearts towards

kindness for their fellow human beings;

Lord, have mercy,


For people of peace,

whose imagination is large enough

to conceive of a different way,

that they may speak, and act,

and be heard;

Lord, have mercy.


Mighty and caring God,

You promised that one day

swords will be beaten into

ploughshares, meet us in our

distress, and bring peace upon

this troubled land.     Amen

WarmLight 1.JPG

If so, you would probably like to know a bit more about what goes on.

Sheet Music

Music can be a great way to pray to God when you can't find words to say. 

We asked the choir

and congregation to pass

on links to some of their

particular favourites,

and we'll add a new one

each month.

  Any suggestions welcome . . .


will take you to the website for the Oxford Diocese, which has loads of information on events in the Diocese.

St Mary and St Nicholas church in Littlemore is our sister church.

Thoughtful opinions on anglican matters.

Sandford's amazing cafe, shop and Saturday market (always looking for new volunteers).

The village website, which includes Parish council information.

Facebook page for the Sandford Link magazine.   information about what is going on at the Sandford Women's Institute.

Granite cross.jpg

A Christian is someone

who believes that if we get to know Jesus Christ and follow his teachings, we can work with his Spirit to let God's kingdom into our world - a kingdom of love, justice,

and peace.

If you want to explore further, is a great website:

click here

Churchyard in spring.jpeg

For over 900 years St Andrew's has stood at the heart of the village, and its church bells have rung out to mourn or celebrate every great event of our country's history.  

For centuries Sandford villagers have been laid to rest in the churchyard, which is

a place steeped in history and memories - still open to all

and visited by many for

peaceful meditation or reflection.

The church building is of interest in itself - click

on the button below

for a leaflet on its history.


We've put together a list of our favourite websites which have helped us to pray, meditate and reflect

on God's word.

If you discover others that you find helpful,

do let us know.

Aerial Sandford final.jpg



In 1086 the Domesday Book

counted 18 families as living by

the sandy ford over the Thames

between Iffley and Radley.   

Six hundred years later the

population of the village

had barely doubled,

and it was still under 200 people

at the start of the 19th century.  

Today the parish boundaries

have been enlarged, and the

population numbers

more than 1,200.

If you are new to the village,


You may find the newcomers

guide (click here )

a useful introduction

to what goes on.

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