Heading 2


The Lord is my strength

and my song,

and has become my salvation

A new commandment I give you:  love one another,

as I have loved you

APRIL 2021


10.0 a.m.

Parish Communion

6.30 p.m.  

Evening Prayer

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The Sandford Link magazine

Spring 2021

Our village magazine

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Happily, the Government and Church guidance is that we may still meet

for a short, said service on Sundays,

provided our building is


Unless this guidance changes,

a few of us will continue

to meet at 10.0 and 6.30.

For those who do not yet feel able to attend services,our Diocese

continues to livestream a

Sunday Communion

and other services: 

you can find details on www.oxford.anglican.org/coronavirus-covid-19-2/livestream/

If you would like to join Littlemore church's Zoom service on Sundays,

please email


for a link each week.

A Song for the Tomb


Ages before Jerusalem was founded

I was formed for this day.

God said, shall these sea-bones live?

I will sculpt me a tomb: a lime-white chamber

fit for a king.


I was ready when they brought him in,

bloody and broken, like a king from his last

battle. Dusk was falling. They hurried, careful

– so careful. They were brittle with pain.                      They straightened him (legs, arms, head) in the


stopped my mouth with a rock, and crept away.           

We were quiet together.

He slept inside me. I cradled him

like an unborn child. Outside,

earth shuddered; the sun failed; stars shot like bolts

through warring heavens.

I kept him safe  


till he began to stir

like the child whose time has come.

The deep places of creation whispered, Open!          A mighty spasm shook the stone. I gaped.

He rose. For a moment

he stood facing the dawn, then he was gone.


Later, there would be angels, blazing-eyed

and docile, folding linen bandages.

There would be men and women, storms of grieving

suddenly stilled.

But first, as the sun rose,

there was just light and silence. A cave, empty,

and a world full of promises fulfilled.


Teresa Morgan

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Also by Zoom:



Ideas around growing and keeping plants, trees, bees and all things natural . . .  Wednesdays 10.10 a.m.

IT'S QUIZ TIME!                      Thursdays 10.10 a.m.

To join in these zooms, or to know more, please contact  malcolm.atkins1@ntlworld.com    01865 721564

We are linked with St Mary and St Nicholas church, Littlemore,

in a United Benefice whose Team Rector is the Reverend Margreet Armitstead (vicar@littlemorechurch.org)



If so, you would probably like to know a bit more about what goes on.

Music can be inspiring,

calming, meditative and

a million other things.  

We asked the choir

and congregation to pass on

links to some of their

particular favourites,

and we'll add a new one

each month.

  Any suggestions welcome . . .



will take you to the website for the Oxford Diocese, which has loads of information on events in the Diocese.


St Mary and St Nicholas church in Littlemore is our sister church.

Sandford's amazing cafe, shop and Saturday market (always looking for new volunteers).


The village website, which includes Parish council information.


Facebook page for the Sandford Link magazine.

www.facebook.com/sandfordonthamesWI/:   information about what is going on at the Sandford Women's Institute


A Christian is someone

who believes that if we get to know Jesus Christ and follow his teachings, we can work with his Spirit to let God's kingdom into our world - a kingdom of love, justice,

and peace.

If you want to explore further, christianity.org.uk is a great website:

click here

For over 900 years St Andrew's has stood at the heart of the village, and its church bells have rung out to mourn or celebrate every great event of our country's history.  

For centuries Sandford villagers have been laid to rest in the churchyard, which is

a place steeped in history and memories - still open to all

and visited by many for

peaceful meditation or reflection.

The church building is of interest in itself - click

on the button below

for a leaflet on its history.


We've put together a list of our favourite websites which have helped us to pray, meditate and reflect

on God's word.

If you discover others that you find helpful,

do let us know.


In 1086 the Domesday Book

counted 18 families as living by

the sandy ford over the Thames

between Iffley and Radley.   

Six hundred years later the

population of the village

had barely doubled,

and it was still under 200 people

at the start of the 19th century.  

Today the parish boundaries

have been enlarged, and the

population numbers

more than 1,200.

If you are new to the village,


You may find the newcomers

guide (click here)

a useful introduction

to what goes on.

(The guide was written

pre-Covid - some things have

changed (e.g. Talking Shop

times of opening)

but there's not much point in

making the corrections until

some normality returns to life.)


Our church is open every day

between about 10.30 and 5.30.

You are very welcome to visit

and to make use of

any of the leaflets, books

and aids to reflection.

Our Sunday Eucharist

is every Sunday at 10.0.

and Evening Prayer

every Sunday at 6.30 p.m.


St Andrew's Church

Church Road

Sandford on Thames



01865 748848



This parish is committed to the safeguarding, care and nurture of people of all ages

in our church community.

If you have any concerns, please contact

one of our safeguarding officers:

Robert Morgan 01865 748848

Sue Riley 07450 484853

The parish safeguarding policy

can be found here.