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For nearly a thousand years, the parish church of St Andrew

has stood at the heart of the village of Sandford-on-Thames.

Today it is still a house of prayer with a congregation

who welcome visitors and new-comers,

a centre of worship and music

where the eucharist is celebrated every Sunday,

with a churchyard and garden of remembrance

making space for quiet reflection. 

Rowan Williams writes that
"the original vision of the Church of England
was to provide a diet of solid food for thoughtful people; 
it took the people of England seriously enough to believe
that they did not want just to be entertained, mystified or excited. 
They wanted to be fed and enriched – by the steady provision of a worship
that was “sober” (a favourite Anglican adjective!)
yet infused with beauty and imagination, by intelligent biblical exposition, and by the challenge to go on growing up as believers."

That ideal is aspired to in Sandford.

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