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Our choir lead the hymns and liturgical music at Sunday services, and also other occasional music, such as the Carol Service, Choral Evensongs, weddings, baptisms and special services.

Christian writes:   St Andrew's church choir is a small village choir that regularly surprises visitors with the standard of its singing!   We sing a mainly classical repertoire from ancient to contemporary,  with occasional gospel and pop numbers for good measure.  It has been my pleasure to lead this happy band of singers for nearly 20 years.  We are always looking for new members and welcome singers of all ages and levels. It is also possible to sing with us just for specific projects as well as for services.  Do come and talk to me, especially if you have some past choral experience...however long ago!


We asked the choir

to pass on

links to some of their

favourite music -

the results can be found here

We give thanks for singers.
All types of singers.
Popular, concert singers and

     tuneless singers in the bath.
Whistlers, hummers and those
    who sing while they work.
Singers of lullabies; singers of nonsense
    and small scraps of melody.
Singers on branches and rooftops.
Morning yodellers and evening warblers.
Singers in seedy nightclubs, singers in

     the street;

Singers in cathedrals, school halls,


back yards, paddocks, bedrooms,   

stairwells and places of echo and  


We give praise to all those who give

     some small voice
To the everyday joy of the soul.


Some of the choir celebrating after a wedding

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