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Advent covers the four weeks before Christmas, when we look forward to celebrating the  birth of Jesus on Christmas Day.  The four Advent candles are lit one by

one on each Sunday of



At Pentecost we have a special

Choral Evensong with the Alice

sermon.   This is to commemorate

the fact that Lewis Carroll, author

of Alice in Wonderland, preached

his first sermon at St Andrew's church after walking up the

towpath from Christ Church in central Oxford.


Before Christmas the choir visits

local care homes and pubs to

sing carols - all are welcome to

join in.   We also have a

traditional Carol Service in church,

and a Midnight Mass at

11.30 on Christmas Eve.


During the Village Fete

weekend in July, our Flower

Festival in church is a well-

established local event.

On Sunday there is a Choral Evensong with the  'Green' (Environmental) sermon.


Holy Week and Easter are

marked each year with

services on Thursday and Friday of Holy Week

and a great celebration on

Easter Sunday.

Thames altar frontal.JPG

And to end the Church's year,

we continue the age-old

custom of thanking God for

the harvest and for the food

we eat, with a Harvest

Communion service followed

by a shared Brunch in church.

Church and Village Fete and Christmas Extravaganza
The Fete in July and the Christmas Extravaganza in December
are both brilliantly organised by the Fete Committee:
Clive, Carole, Emma, Steve and Sharon

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