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Some suggestions of videos that might be helpful in exploring faith: 

other suggestions warmly welcomed . . .

The New Pilgrim Path - – is an excellent website that each week features a different Website of the Week, Poem of the Week and Music of the Week.  Well worth exploring.

has a short daily prayer

Blessings” with Br. David Steindl-Rast

Find a quiet place to experience six blessings for everyday life as read by Br. David Steindl-Rast in this short, meditative video.


There are two American youtubers, Jon Jorgenson and Joseph Solomon, who have a multitude of videos on various aspects of Christian faith which are relaxed, funny and Bible-based.   These are two or three examples – if you like their style, there are lots of others to


Jon Jorgenson    On the gospels


Jon Jorgenson   What are you looking for


Joseph Solomon   On the idea of God

The secular Carmelites -  a thoughtful and inspiring video:  



Taizé website:

A 10-minute meditation:  there are many good ones on the web – this is one:


An Irish blessing by John O’Donohue


Music for meditation:


Iona community website


Northumbria Community:

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