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          St Andrew’s, Sandford-on-Thames, is a typical English country
          parish church, built some 920 years ago,soon after the Norman
          conquest, and it retains the tranquillity of a place where for
          centuries prayer has been offered.  

          The church porch was added in 1652, and the church was largely
          rebuilt in 1840 and 1864/5, incorporating parts of the medieval
          building and retaining its Norman style. 
          A fifteenth-century stone carving of the Assumption, possibly
          from Abingdon Abbey (dissolved in 1538), was discovered face down
          in the churchyard in 1723 and built into the sanctuary.  
          A vestry was added in 1893 and a parish room was designed
          by Liz Shatford and built by the voluntary labour of Dennis Harris
          and other parishioners, in 1995.


          For fuller information about the history of the church, click on the link below:
          A Historical Guide to the Parish Church of Saint Andrews, Sandford-on-Thames by Liz Shatford

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